Sunday, November 8, 2015

Au Revoir

I am formally closing this blog. As you can see for 2015 there was not even a single update or even a change in the lay out.
Let us not even begin on how bad and exhausting 2015 was. But this blog will always hold a special place in my heart. For one this blog got me through medical school and comforted me during early employment days as a general physician. I mean after seven years and 126 posts later this blog for sure was a big part of my life.
This blog was also very patient with my whining and ranting. I realized that looking back mostly I whined and ranted... a LOT. I'd like to think that I had matured so I am not updating this blog anymore and I got a new one that is more or less a concept type of blog which is oriented to being a struggling thirty something. And its not like the five committed readers will miss me anyway.
I'll miss you my little friend but I won't delete this one of course. I would like to look back at times where I acted like an annoying irresponsible brat who thinks he has the whole world under control.

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